Your Time is Valuable; Lead Advantage Pro Helps You Maximize it.  

Lead Advantage Pro is a powerful CRM and enrollment platform built to streamline your business.  With L.A.P. you can enroll Medicare Advantage, Supplement, Dental, PDP, Final Expense and Life Insurance all from one dashboard! Managing your business has never been more efficient!

Never worry about forgetting what prescriptions your clients have as our system will save everything for you. Plus, if you're on the road and clients don't have their prescriptions with them, our import button will automatically import your clients prescriptions, doctors and pharmacy information right into your CRM!  Take a look at the 2 minute video overview below to see what our technology can do for your business!

Some features of the portal include:

  • Run Quotes for Medicare Advantage & Supplement policies, plus Life Insurance, Final Expense Insurance, Dental and more!
  • Easily compare products against each other and provide great looking comparision reports to your clients
  • Send and store Scopes electronically
  • Save prescription drugs for clients
  • Email enrollment in a plan
  • Built in CRM system to manage all of your business!

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