Veterans, combining VA benefits and a Medicare Advantage plan is a winning strategy!

Veterans, combining VA benefits and a Medicare Advantage plan is a winning strategy!

For your service and sacrifice, we honor you.

We're always ready to serve you with Medicare plans that expand your options for care.  We can show you Medicare Advantage plans designed specifically for veterans which offer $0 monthly premiums, $0 copays for primary care provider visits and a Medicare Part B giveback on most plans!

As a Veteran, should I also use Medicare?

As a Medicare-eligible Veteran, you have options when it comes to healthcare. We know this transition to Medicare can be confusing so we have listed a few points that all Veterans should know when they become Medicare eligible. 

VA Benefits and Medicare

It is important to note that Veteran’s Affair (VA) plans and Medicare are completely separate. VA plans only cover care at VA facilities and Medicare only covers care at Medicare assigned facilities. VA and Medicare coverage does not overlap. To confirm your VA benefits and options, please call the VA directly 1-877-222-VETS (8387). WE ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ANSWER VA SPECIFIC QUESTIONS. 

Should You Enroll in Medicare Part A If You Have VA Benefits?

Yes. It is strongly recommended that all veteran seniors enroll in Medicare Part A (Hospital Coverage). Usually there is no additional cost for Medicare Part A. This will allow you to receive hospital coverage should you go to a non-VA facility. According to the VA’s website “[We] encourage you to keep your private [Medicare] health insurance.”

Should You Get Medicare Part B If You Have VA Benefits?

Yes, it is strongly recommended that all veteran seniors enroll in Medicare Part B (Medical Coverage). There is typically a monthly fee for Part B but it is usually worth it. If your VA Benefits are dropped at some point OR if your local VA facility does not cover all health services, you could pay 100% of the out-of-pocket expenses for a serious illness. The VA highly recommends that you enroll in Part B as well but be sure to not miss the Part B deadline or you will have to pay a penalty. 

Please contact Veterans Affairs directly (1-877-222-VETS (8387) with questions about specific care at your local facility.

Should You Get a Medicare Advantage Plan if you Have VA Benefits?

Probably.  Medicare Advantage (MA) plans can help reduce your out-of-pocket risk should you go to a non-VA facility. Many MA plans have no monthly premiums and some of our Veteran specific plans even provide Medicare Part B givebacks! Be sure to select one that doesn’t include prescription drugs since you most likely get those through the VA. We can help you enroll in a no-cost Medicare Advantage plan at 440-793-7745.

Should you enroll in a Medicare Part D Plan if you Have VA Benefits?

Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs at the pharmacy and these plans cost on average around $35 a month. Most Vets do not select a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan as they have RX coverage from the VA. If you choose not to enroll in Part D when you are first eligible you can even still enroll in Part D later without paying a penalty.

For further questions about Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D, please call the number above. 

Please note: We are only able to give general information about Medicare related issues. If you have specific questions about your VA coverage, please contact Veterans Affairs directly.

Ready to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan? Send us a message or call 440-793-7745. 

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