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Funding Your Marketing

Funding Your Marketing

We want our agents to invest in growing their business and wanted a simple, straight-forward approach to helping them.  That is why we provide monthly bonuses of $50 per written Medicare Advantage policy to use towards your marketing initiatives.*  Some agents love mailers, others seminars... We allow you the flexibility to invest in your business the way you want to.  Plus, due to our strong carrier relationships, we can often obtain additional co-op funds for your marketing initiatives which could be up to a 50/50 split!  Just bring us a plan and we can get hard dollars to help you increase your marketing.  Speak with your account executive regarding marketing support.

Fast Start Bonus!

For all agents new to My Medicare Network, we will split the cost of a direct mail campaign 50/50 up to 2,000 pieces!*

*Bonus of $50 per Medicare Advantage policy requires at least 3 new MA plans to be written for that month.  You must provide paid invoices to us for reimbursement of marketing funds. Bonus valid for any MA / MAPD plan written with one of our carriers including UnitedHealthcare, Anthem, Aetna, Devoted, Humana & Wellcare. Program offered January through September of each year.  Not available during open enrollment period. Only available for street level agents contracted directly with My Medicare Network. 

*Fast Start program valid for any agent new to My Medicare Network and must hold the following contracts with us: UnitedHealthcare, Anthem, Aetna & Humana where available.  Must prove prior 12 month production of minimum of 50 new Medicare policies to be eligible for Fast Start program. 

* All Medicare Advantage policies issued with any carrier you are contracted with by My Medicare Network count towards the bonus program. Must have at a minimum UnitedHealthcare & Anthem as carriers with My Medicare Network. Program available from January through September of each year. Paid after the end of each quarter.

Retail Programs

Retail Programs

Each year we offer our agents the ability to work inside a Walmart, CVS and other retail locations to assist their customers with new Medicare policies. These locations are given on a first come, first serve basis, so act quickly when we release them. 

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